Barrakka Lift Tower

Increased tourist numbers in recent years made the elevator replacement in the old quarter of Valletta crucial.

Year 2012
Location Valletta, Malta
Solutions 2 KONE MiniSpace™ scenic elevators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Bringing heritage to life

The Barrakka Lift is a key link to the old quarter of Valletta, providing rapid access to the Maltese capital’s famed baroque attractions for thousands of visitors. 

We came on board in the early stages of the project and played a crucial role in technical aspects, carrying out simulations to ensure efficient people flow in conformity with the client’s requirements. To take advantage of the unique setting, we installed two KONE MiniSpace™ scenic elevators. The 21 passengers in each elevator have less than half a minute to take in the spectacular views.

Quality control

Construction was constrained by the small footprint of the project in a deep, narrow site outside the city walls. Elevator installation was completed on time, with careful monitoring at all stages by the consulting engineer to ensure the construction met the precise dimensions required for the complicated location. 

Our distributor in Malta is responsible for regular maintenance, which is particularly important given the exposed conditions and the salt air of the Mediterranean Sea.

"During the construction phase, we were pleased to see that the architectural vision took shape as conceived," says Konrad Buhagiar, a founding partner at Architecture Project, designers of the structure for the Barrakka Lift project.