Apartment building, Calle Calatrava 13

The elderly residents of Calle Calatrava 13, a historical building in central Madrid, used to have a painful choice – take the stairs or forgo the errand. With a new elevator, they now have peace of mind and newfound independence.

Year 2010
Location Madrid, Spain
Solutions KONE MonoSpace® elevators, and KONE Care™ maintenance service

Quality of life

Calle Calatrava 13 is a beautiful example of early 20th century Spanish residential architecture. But the elderly residents of this historic building in central Madrid had to make a choice – take the stairs or forgo the errand. Installation of an elevator came at the request of the residents, who had to rely on neighbors to perform daily tasks such as going shopping, taking out trash or just going out for a walk.

Preserving history

To minimize the impact of a modern elevator on the architectural heritage of the building, we installed the elevator in the central courtyard. Our KONE MonoSpace® machine-room-less elevator with a glass panel design allowed for greater design freedom and also saved on construction costs. 

KONE provided additional work, constructing the shaft where the elevator would be installed, as well as making improvements to the electrical system of the building in order to supply power to the elevator. 

We handle all maintenance of this elevator to ensure the residents of Calatrava 13 continue to enjoy having a more social and independent life.

"As an architect, this elevator fits well with the existing elements of the community. Choosing an aesthetically pleasing design was definitely the right choice," says Hector Salas de la Hera, one of the residents and the project architect.