One New Change

This horseshoe-shaped structure boasts a rooftop public space that offers stunning views of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London skyline.

Year 2010
Location London, UK
Solutions 6 KONE MiniSpace™ office elevators, 2 KONE MiniSpace™ external scenic elevators, 5 KONE MonoSpace® passenger elevators, 9 KONE MonoSpace® freight elevators, 5 KONE MonoSpace® fire elevators, 2 KONE MonoSpace® bicycle elevators, 3 special-needs platform elevators, 11 KONE E3C escalators, 2 E3H external escalators, KONE E-Link™ monitoring system, KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Clear view of success

External scenic elevators at the One New Change shopping center in the City of London do more than deliver a spectacular view of an architectural landmark. They also transport thousands of visitors every day to a dazzling new public space in the heart of the city. 

One of the largest shopping destinations in the City of London, One New Change is a blend of retail and office space in the city's financial district.

Matching design integrity

Our exterior scenic elevators represented significant challenges in design and engineering. Housed in an external steel structure, the scenic elevators are fully exposed to outside weather elements. 

We responded with water-resistant landing entrances and a specialized glazed canopy. The custom-designed, oversized cars are clad in glass and stainless steel. All cars also feature a car-to-car transfer system, which in an emergency, enables the rescue of passengers trapped in one car using a bridge system from the adjacent car. 

Because the building's glass façade was constructed in phases, installation work required flexible scheduling. We developed a project management system that reassessed priority needs and facilitated the exchange of relevant information. 

New construction in a historic district created an additional challenge. We demonstrated responsiveness to special planning and zoning restrictions while designing and installing elevators and escalators throughout the office and retail areas. 

The customer's confidence in us served as a foundation for a design that complements the building’s architectural aesthetics. And marked by superior ride quality, the elevators at One New Change are a highly effective blend of form and function.