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People of KONE Asia Pacific

‘‘KONE is all about two things, people and opportunities’’

‘‘People of KONE Asia Pacific’ - what does that mean?

Every organization has its own personality called culture, which is not visible but drives the actions and behavior of every single employee. It helps share common values, beliefs and goals. It helps create a clear differentiation and encourages high levels of employee engagement. Culture is most certainly a definite way to build a great employer brand and helps organizations to succeed in today’s competitive world. Needless to say, strong brands attract and retain good talent.

At KONE, our culture is built on the strong values we nurture. It is reflected in the way we behave with both of our internal and external stakeholders. I see the passion and commitment in our employees, whichever part of the region I travel to. Our strength comes from such employees who have helped us serve our customers with a true service mindset. It is this behavior that has instilled confidence in the team and helped bring in an inclusive culture.

Let’s together sustain this great culture that we have built and contribute actively to making KONE a great place to work.

Axel Berkling, KONE Asia Pacific Executive Vice President


People of KONE Asia pacific


What we do

We are here to make cities a better place to live.

... and together, we are making KONE a great place to work

Growing together

  • Operations in 9 countries
  • 8500+ colleagues
  • 80% employees in the field
  • 10 training centers
  • High investment in people development
  • 35% millenials

Winning together

  • Global leader in escalator & elevator industry
  • Attrition rate below market
  • Highly engaged employees


Improving urban life

  • Emphasis on sustainability
  • One of Asia's best performing companies
  • Creators of Peoople Flow
    Smooth, efficient & safe movement of people in and around buildings
  • Move 1 billion people every day


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