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Significant improvements with modular elevator modernization solutions


Modernizing the controller and electrification system of an old elevator will improve its reliability, eco-efficiency, safety, and accessibility. Because our electrification solutions are quick to install, there will be minimal disruption for building residents and users.


The hoisting unit is the part of your elevator that does the hard work. Replacing worn, outdated machinery is vital for maintaining safety, Eco-efficiency and ride comfort.


It is common for an elevator's mechanical systems to still be in good shape while the car interior is worn and outdated. Our car modernizations bring the interior up to date with a range of modern and durable design options and accessories.


Our elevator signalization systems improve accessibility, aesthetics, safety, and convenience for passengers. They provide fast & convenient communication with the building management system in case of emergencies.


Adding a new, automatic door to your elevator improves safety & aesthetics, but can also add weight and take up space. Our lightweight automatic doors maximize space inside the car and feature smooth, quiet operation.