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Created to enhance the modern and contemporary look of low, mid & high-rise residential buildings and low & mid-rise commercial buildings. The design-rich KONE I MonoSpace® and KONE I MiniSpace™ now offer more flexibility to choose the ideal elevators that add to the look, feel, style and class of both your building’s interiors and exteriors.

Excellent ride comfort, energy savings, product design with futuristic technology & impressive aesthetics all come together in perfect combination from KONE, to take the quality of elevator experiences several notches higher.


  • Max Speed:1.75 m/s
  • Max. Travel: 90 m (KONE I MonoSpace®) and 100 m (KONE I MiniSpace™)
  • Max No. of stops: 32 (KONE I MonoSpace®) and 36 (KONE I MiniSpace™)
  • Max. load: 1020 kgs
  • Max. persons: 15
  • Max. elevators in group: 2
  • Control System: Full / Down collective
  • Recommended Signalization: KDS 90 (Standard); KDS 96 Touch COP & KDS 96 touchless COP (Optional)


5 Natural elements
expressed in enticing finishes

KONE I MonoSpace® and KONE I MiniSpace™ designs based on the five elements now come in more distinct finishes as well. Along with the popular Paint Finish, the car interiors are offered in such tantalizing finishes as Wood Fusion, Art Deco, Stainless Steel and Exotic Motif that are designed to complement every building's unique design style.

35 Car designs
to match your building interiors

With 35 car interior design options, the five elements collection offers flexibility and ease of choice when it comes to selecting the elevator that ideally suits your building's aesthetic needs. Each design sets a modern benchmark for buildings with its stand-alone finish, vibrant colour schemes, exclusive patterns and user-friendly interfaces.

Lightings designed to captivate

Ring LED Light
The aesthetically designed award winning RL20 ring LED light adds warmth to the contemporary car, softly illuminating elevator interiors and brightening up the senses.

Hue LED Spot
Uniquely designed with tinted reflector cones that emit natural light of same tone as the dominant rear wall color tones. The HS80 Hue LED spot light enhances the design essence throughout the interiors, illuminating the ambience with rich hues & grandness

Round LED Spot
Sleek & minimalistic, the RS60 round LED spot light has a novel chamfered element on the bezel and comes with a matte finish diffuser, emitting radiance as even & energetic as natural light.

Square LED Spot
Emanating natural white light, LS4 square LED spot light gives even diffusion inside the car, creating a soft and soothing atmosphere with its simple & symmetric look.

KONE I Series


img_ecodisc_machine room less

KONE EcoDisc®

The KONE EcoDisc hoisting motor is the heart of KONE’s elevator solutions. The revolutionary solution launched in 1996 has a proven track record of more than 800,000 units installations worldwide. With the constant improvements to the solution, the renewed KONE EcoDisc provides

  • More energy-efficient technology: The new innovative copper winding system reduces the amount of energy lost as heat.
  • More compact than before: The updated KONE EcoDisc is also more space efficient and requires less height and width. This frees up valuable floor space or allows for a more spacious, higher-capacity car.
  • Better ride comfort: The V3F variable-frequency drive ensures a smooth, comfortable ride with superior acceleration/ deceleration profile, better floor-to-floor travel times, and precision leveling.

Elevator solutions

Description + segment
Machine room
Max. speed
Max. travel
Max. load/persons
KONE A MonoSpace®Machine-room-less elevators for low-rise residential buildingsNo
0.63 m/s20 m
544 kg / up to 8 persons
KONE A MiniSpace™
Compact Machine-room elevators for low-rise residential buildings
0.63 m/s
30 m
544 kg / up to 8 persons
KONE I MonoSpace®
Modern Elevators for Residential & Commercial buildings
1.75 m/s90 m
1020 kg / up to 15 persons
KONE I MiniSpaceModern Elevators for Residential & Commercial buildingsYes
1.75 m/s100 m1020 kg / up to 15 persons
KONE U MonoSpace®Machine-room-less elevators for mid range buildings
2.5 m/s90 m
1786 kg / up to 26 persons
KONE U MiniSpace™Compact machine room elevators for mid range buildings
2.5 m/s135 m
1786 kg / up to 26 persons
KONE Highrise MiniSpaceHigh-speed elevator for high-rise buildingsYes
4 m/s180 m
1600 kg / up to 24 persons
KONE TranSys®Adaptable passenger and goods elevator solution for public transport, retail, hospital buildings
1.0 m/s
40 m
4000kg / up to 53 persons
KONE Bed elevator
Elevator designed especially for hospitals
Yes & No
1.75 m/s
75 m
1768 kg / up to 26 persons

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