Escalator modernization

Why modernize with KONE?

An investment that pays off

KONE escalator modernization improves safety, reliability, accessibility, and visual appearance, while also lowering energy costs.

Happier building users

Update escalator safety features, reliability, accessibility, and comfort with our escaltor modernization solutions.

A hassle-free installation process

Our professionally managed escalator modernization process minimizes disturbance to tenants and visitors.


Our escalator modernization solutions

Full replacement

Replace the entire installation, including or excluding the truss.

Tools and Downloads

Escalator Planner

Escalator Planner helps you select the right product as well as create detailed specifications, BIM equipment models and CAD drawings for preliminary planning.

KONE Escalator InfoPack

Includes all the information you will need in order to plan an escalator or autowalk.

KONE asset management plan

Put yourself in control of managing your building’s equipment with KONE assessment plan. Learn more about the expertise and consultation we offer, so that you can plan and budget with confidence.

Escalator modernization process







Benefits of escalator modernization

Escalator modernization ensures that your escalators continue to be energy efficient, reliable, and up to date with the latest escalator safety features. The truss may last as long as your building, but it is important to consider escalator modernization because chain components and drive components can wear and become outdated. Autowalk modernization also ensures that steps, balustrades, and lighting maintain a fresh, modern appearance. 


Better performance

Compared to older equipment, escalator modernization increases performance. Less waiting and frustration, and fewer breakdowns – all from your existing escalator or autowalk. Updating the drive components and the chain components of your equipment will have a significant impact on its performance.


Escalator safety

Escalator safety is the starting point of every KONE escalator and autowalk. With escalator modernization, it is easy to upgrade your escalator safety features. We offer a full set of safety upgrades and modular escalator modernization packages covering electrification, the step chain, drive components, and aesthetics. By investing in escalator safety upgrades, you can bring your equipment in line with the latest safety codes and standards – giving you and your customers more peace of mind.


Design that complements your building

Innovative design can turn your escalator or autowalk into much more than just a way to keep people moving – with our wide range of design updates for escalator modernization or autowalk modernization, you can transform your equipment into an eye-catching architectural feature and an important source of lighting, to match perfectly with your building's interior design.


Eco-efficiency that brings savings

Our eco-efficient escalator modernization solutions feature a highly energy-efficient and compact drive system, as well as smart operational modes. You can also benefit from innovative and energy-efficient LED lighting in your escalator that is 80% more efficient than halogen lighting and lasts 10 times longer.