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What is proactive maintenance?

It is just what the term suggests – a service that uses AI-based analytics to identify potential issues in your equipment before they cause problems. But how does proactive maintenance benefit your business and building? Take a closer look.


Office spaces

Better people flow – better productivity for your office workers.

Urban life - Uninterrupted

KONE 24/7 Connected Services provides valuable information on upcoming maintenance needs and identifies any potential issues before they cause problems. We connect your elevators and escalators to our cloud-based service and use artificial intelligence based analytics to make smarter proactive maintenance decisions that take people flow to a whole new level.


AI-based proactive maintenance increases the value of your building and prolongs equipment lifetime.


Continuous performance and risk analysis reduces the risk of breakdowns and improves accessibility.


24/7 monitoring means you’re immediately informed if there is a problem and can plan ahead for future maintenance needs.

Results that speak for themselves

KONE 24/7 Connected Services has already helped to improve the reliability and performance of tens of thousands of different pieces of equipment in buildings of all kinds.

Improved user experience

Round-the-clock monitoring increases safety and improves accessibility. The end result is smooth people flow and satisfied users.

Effortless maintenance and planning

By proactively identifying and fixing issues before they cause problems, we save facility managers’ time and cut their workload. Fact-based recommendations for asset management help prolong the equipment lifetime.

A boost for your business

When your equipment runs smoothly, so does your business. By addressing issues proactively and optimizing maintenance schedules according to your needs, we give people flow, and your business, a boost.

The smart way to add value

Smart proactive maintenance and fact-based asset management planning helps you to make better investment decisions, prolongs equipment lifetime and keeps your building ahead of the game.

KONE 24/7 Connected Services offering

Making your journeys efficient and user friendly, from door to destination.


Maximize elevator operating hours with proactive maintenance

KONE 24/7 Connect

Cloud-connected elevators and escalators provide a constant stream of usage data that helps us to make intelligent, proactive decisions on how to solve potential problems before they cause disruption. Advanced analytics determines if an issue is critical and needs to be addressed immediately or if it can be solved during the next scheduled maintenance visit, resulting in more efficient maintenance.

Information is shared in a transparent format that can be tailored to your reporting needs, so you’ll always know what’s happening – and what we have prevented from happening.


Real-time equipment condition monitoring

KONE 24/7 Alert

KONE 24/7 Alert is a round-the-clock diagnostics service that continuously monitors and analyzes the operating status of your escalators.

If a problem occurs, you’ll be notified immediately with instructions on how to safely restart the equipment and details of what caused the issue.

Here's how it works

Intelligent proactive maintenance that keeps your building moving

1 Round-the-clock monitoring

We keep a constant eye on how your equipment is performing.


2 Intelligent analysis

Intelligent technology analyzes maintenance needs and detects potential problems before they cause disruption.


3 Timely alerts

Our technicians get the right information at the right time to help them fix problems fast.


4 Clear reporting

We’ll keep you fully informed about all the work we do and what the outcome was.


Stay up to date anytime, anywhere

KONE proactive maintenance services give you real-time info when you need it.


KONE Online

KONE Online gives you and your team round-the-clock access to performance, maintenance, breakdown, and repair data for all your equipment via an easy-to-use web portal.


KONE Mobile

With the KONE Mobile app you can stay up to date with everything that’s going on with your equipment anywhere, anytime. You can choose to receive smartphone notifications on equipment status, maintenance schedules, and the progress of any maintenance work we’re doing for you.

KONE 24/7 Connected Services

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