KONE construction time use elevator

Accelerate the construction process

Our Construction Time Use solutions help to maximize elevator uptime and move construction site workers and material around the building more efficiently during the construction process.

Keep your project on track

Getting workers and materials to the right place at the right time is the key to keeping your construction project on schedule. KONE CTU solutions can save hundreds of man-hours every day thanks to their high speed and large capacity, and can operate safely whatever the weather.

KONE CTU solutions


KONE CTU elevators

These are simply the final elevators, equipped with protective materials so they can be used to transport people and materials during construction. Once the building is ready the protective materials are removed, the final signalization and interior materials and accessories installed, and the elevators are ready for handover.

KONE construction time use elevator


KONE JumpLift

KONE JumpLift is a self-climbing elevator with a temporary machine room that moves (‘jumps’) upwards in the building’s permanent elevator shaft as the building gets higher. Because it’s located inside the building facade, it can be used to safely transport people and materials in all weather conditions. Jumps can be scheduled so that they don’t impact other construction activities.

KONE construction time use elevator



KONE Care makes sure your equipment performs safety and optimally throughout the construction process. We create a unique maintenance plan for your specific project to keep your site running smoothly.

Why choose KONE CTU solutions?

  • Save time – Our CTU elevators can travel much faster than traditional exterior hoists, meaning workers spend less time waiting and more time working. And because they’re located inside the building, they can operate in all conditions, meaning fewer days lost to poor weather.
  • Optimize construction – Lower floors can be enclosed earlier while construction continues above, helping you optimize your process for a smoother, faster project.
  • Cut downtime and energy costs – We keep your equipment up and running to avoid costly disruptions with a tailored CTU maintenance solution; we also help you cut costs with hoisting technology that’s significantly more energy efficient than exterior hoists.

Build smarter, faster, and safer with KONE as your partner

Our CTU elevator and maintenance solutions have helped hundreds of construction projects around the world get off the ground quicker and finish faster. Our team of experts is with you from day one to reduce risk and help keep things on track.

Planning phase

Before any concrete is poured or groundwork laid, our experienced project managers are at your service, making sure you get the right combination of solutions and that coordination between all parties involved goes smoothly.

Builders can use our CTU Benefits Tool to calculate how much and what type of equipment they need for the project.

Construction phase

Just like our standard elevator solutions, KONE CTU elevators are quick, safe, and efficient to install. And once they’re up and running we make sure they operate as planned and with no unpleasant surprises with a customized KONE Care CTU maintenance plan that takes into account the unique characteristics of your site.

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Hassle-free installation

Discover how we make sure everything is in place for a smooth, trouble-free elevator installation process to keep your project on schedule and on budget, with no surprises.

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