World's largest elevator

The world’s largest passenger elevator is by KONE and is in India!

What does it take to build the world’s largest passenger elevator? Firstly, a vision. An idea that something like this is possible. And a passionate team that believes in the idea. When the idea was first seeded, our team was extremely excited! Here was a challenge that was going to get them to think out-of-the-box, to innovate and push boundaries.

img_KONE 16TON elevator

The task was to build the world’s largest passenger elevator at Jio World Centre, BKC, Mumbai.

What ensued was months of planning, brainstorming, innovation, collaboration, and a zillion cups of coffee. The team also collaborated with some accomplished engineering minds at KONE global teams to ensure the best possible result. Suffice to say, the team worked extra hard to plan and execute this world-class project on time.

The outcome was an engineering marvel! This 16 Ton marvel is supported by 18 pulleys and 9 ropes for safety. The rope system by itself is innovative with pulley beams. The entire structural shaft moves on rails fixed over steel columns. The hoisting machine is the KONE EcosDisk® MX100 Heavy duty – making it not just super strong and durable but also energy saving. The elevator is fitted with KONE E-Link™ - a comprehensive facility management tool feature that makes it possible to remotely monitor the elevator.

A lot has gone on behind the scenes and definitely into the elevator to make it a safe and seamless ride for its passengers. Now let’s talk about the elevator itself. At 25.78 sq meters this record-breaking elevator is as big as a room! It has a unique 4-panel centre opening door and glass walls offering an all-round scenic view. There are two info screens that offer building news and updates. The interior design matches the lotus theme that’s central to the Jio World Centre décor. An ornate crystal studded light forms the centre piece of this immensely elegant elevator. The end-result is a product that is a perfect blend of engineering, art and architecture!

Keeping society running


”We are pleased to announce that the world’s largest passenger elevator is by KONE, and it is in India! At KONE, we pride ourselves in offering custom-built solutions for unique projects. Besides our KONE India team, the KONE Global team of Major Projects experts collaborated with us to design and deliver this most challenging and complex project. Together with our customers, not only we innovate and create solutions that users appreciate, but also create an experience that they can't find anywhere else,” Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators India.

The press meet also covered KONE India’s participation at the IDAC Expo 2022 as Title Sponsor of the Green Pavilion, where some of our ground-breaking innovations were presented. The visitors took a look at some behind-the-scene thinking and some state-of-the-art tech-led innovations that KONE is spearheading in the mobility industry.

We were able to achieve this feat with incredible support and collaboration with our global teams, Indian teams and the customer.

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